Sexual orientation includes a lot of kinds, heterosexual, gay these common sexual orientation, bisexual, asexual, these are relatively rare, or very few people know that sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is divided into a variety, but in fact, every kind of sexual orientation should be equal. But due to some sexual orientation is not often contact, so a lot of people do not understand, even produce a lot of misunderstanding, bi is a very good example, are often people misunderstand and discrimination.
bisexual girlBisexual person refers to men and women both sexes will produce sexual attract a sexual orientation or sexual arousal. With the progress of human civilization, open sex culture also gradually, now, more and more bisexual people began to emerge. Accurately, not began to appear, but begin to be found. Many bisexual friends don’t like before, to hide their sexual orientation, now a lot of bisexual choose to their family or friends out of the ark. So that they can also like other heterosexual people, free to date, the freedom of the love, also need not fear others strange vision.

In our life, there are a lot of bisexual couples. Although they are bisexual, but that doesn’t affect their love each other, also does not affect their life, even there are a lot of bisexual couples live more happiness than others. I actually think it is the result of bisexual people best. Besides the bisexual couples, of course, still have a lot of bisexual single, but they also constantly efforts, hope people can take them seriously, equal view them, then free to love.