In human sexual orientation, not only have a heterosexual, gay, bisexual, asexual, etc. Even so, but it’s still a heterosexual as the mainstream of society, gay was fine, but a lot of bisexual suffer all kinds of discrimination and misunderstanding. Bisexual people of both sexes sexual attraction or sexual impulses, they both like the opposite sex, and like gay, gender is no longer a problem, but because of that, there are a lot of heterosexual and homosexual hate them, of course, this is just for bisexual people misunderstanding, not bisexual really hate.
bisexualSo far, there is a large part of the group of heterosexual and bisexual doesn’t accept bisexual people, even with discrimination and prejudice. Some people mistakenly believe that, bi must be with a man and a woman at the same time, it will determine their sex life must be very bad, but in fact, bisexual can maintain relationship with gender, at the same time can also keep a relationship with a kind of sex, of course, there are also many bisexual couples, they have also maintained a long time loyal one-to-one relationship, and it will not affect their lives.

The biggest misunderstanding to bisexual from their sexuality itself, rather than from their own. In fact, to truly understand the bisexual, will abandon the inherent impression of bisexual, starting from the essence, clear view each of them, so as not to cause misunderstanding of the bisexual group. Whether you’re bisexual, or heterosexual, gay, or any other, as long as it is a true love, no matter the one you love is homosexual or heterosexual, it doesn’t matter, what really matters is the love, so don’t have to go to entanglements the problem of bisexual, everyone is equal, just different.