Modern society, in addition to heterosexual and homosexual and bisexual, with the progress of human civilization, bisexual population and the development of culture has been. Bisexual people will produce sexual attraction to both gender and sexual impulse, can also be simply interpreted as a combination of straight and gay. A lot of people don’t understand why will produce bisexual, don’t understand why bisexual can maintain relationship with gay, also can maintain relationships with the opposite sex, and even many people discriminate against bisexual people.


Although there are some people discrimination bisexual, but this does not affect the development of the bi group, in our life, even there is a big part of bisexual couples, they may be the same gender, also may be of different gender, however, they love each other. People with bisexual orientation although less than heterosexual and homosexual, but they are like straight and gay, distribution range is wide, the existence of bisexual are everywhere in the world. At the same time, due to bi able to live a normal life as a heterosexual, so generally will not be found, unless they take the initiative to choose out of the ark.

And it is worth mentioning that may occur in homosexual and heterosexual, bisexual, or even a large part of heterosexual and homosexual is still in the completely without their knowledge, they do not understand the truth of their own orientation, rather than blindly blindly they are heterosexual or homosexual, it also has a lot of. In most cases, they will make sure were heterosexual, slowly after they realize they are bisexual.

As more and more people understand the bisexual, bisexual culture also developed, bisexual dating sites also began to appear, to help those single bisexual finding a mate. Believe that there will be more and more bisexual people appear, bisexual are all normal, no longer be discrimination.