Bisexuality is like a man, and like a woman. Some people think they are not single-minded, like the opposite sex at the same time also like gay, bisexual or even discrimination, also some people think they are very happy, can enjoy the pleasure of both sexes at the same time. The two views you can’t decide which is right, but I believe that now all over the world have bisexual, such a large group, there must be a lot of happy bisexual, such as bisexual couples; In addition must also have a lot of nasty bisexual. Of course, it’s not bisexual itself fault, is the social reason, and due to various factors.
bisexual couple
A lot of bisexual people keep happiness of one-to-one relationship with their partner. , of course, there is also a part of bi hope to maintain relations with the people, but when this happens in bisexual couples, they tend to discuss together, together, even the bisexual dating sites, looking for other bisexual single. This situation not only solved the problem of the bisexual couples, also can solve the problem of some bisexual singles, but also can promote more of the relationship between husband and wife.

In today’s open society, more and more bisexual people choose out, especially the bisexual young people, they are more able to accept bisexual different, also can adapt to it. Of course, a lot of bisexual friends after coming out, also all kinds of problems, may be the other party does not accept, then lived a hard life; Is likely to get others’ respect and recognition, to live a happy life. Anyway, I are friends support bisexual out, after all, life need our own to pursue, after self-identification, we also need approval from others, out of the world of bisexual, live a better life.