Modern society is a pluralistic society, human beings are living in this diverse environment, in such an environment, sexual orientation is the direction of diversification, more than there are heterosexual, gay these common sexual orientation, and is seldom people know asexual, bisexual, transgender relationships, etc. With the development of human civilization, human beings constantly gain more freedom, at this time, gay people, and bisexual people are accepted, development to today, all sexual orientation is also full equality.
bisexualEvery one of us was born, is likely to be bisexual, in other words, we was originally a bisexual people, just because of the influence of the culture, we were forced to become heterosexual, or other sexual orientation. The definition of sexual orientation means for a certain gender or other sexual desire and emotion, personality judgment, sexual orientation, two factors are need to have, not only need to determine a person’s sex, also need to judgment according to a person’s emotional need. For bi group, a lot of people don’t understand them, actually it is just a person a kind of feeling for others, whether mental or physical, are reasonable.

People the wrong thought, bisexual can have sex with anyone. Of course, from the surface, bisexual means not only love a man, and love women, but in fact is not the case, bisexual people can get satisfy from any single gender, love for both sexes is not a must. Even there are a lot of bisexual couples, they lived a normal life of husband and wife. For bisexual people, we should understand and respect them, and should not be discrimination and misunderstanding.